Puppy Socialization: Hello World!

This class is designed for young puppies, and the focus is on socialization:  getting puppy used to living in our two-legged world through various enrichment activities and exercises. Providing your puppy with proper socialization is the single most important thing we can do to help our dogs be confident and behaviorally sound adults-  we cannot overdo socialization! But there’s a window, and it is generally recognized as closing between 4-5 months of age, so we need to get started early! Class includes sensible and practical solutions for potty training, chewing, mouthing, digging, barking and more.

All training is positive reinforcement: no pain, no fear, no force, no way.

Age: 8 weeks to 5 months

Prerequisite: None

6 week class, 1 hour per week



puppy training

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