Certified Behavior Consulting

Behavior Consulting

Behavior modification is a process ~ not an event!

Is your dog struggling with specific behavioral issues? We’re here to help.

While dog training deals mainly with life skills, manners, tasks and sports (i.e. sit, recall, stay, service dog training, agility, scent work, etc.), behavior consultants help dogs with issues based on fear, stress, anxiety, phobias, compulsions, reactivity and aggression.

Working with you and your dog as a team we’ll look for the best solutions for you, your dog and your specific situation. Upon your initial consult, you and Rachel will take a deep dive into the issues you’re having with your dog and prioritize those issues. From there, you’ll collaborate on customizing a behavior modification plan that meets both your needs and those of your dog.

Dogs are often overwhelmed by our human-centered world, so it’s up to us to help them navigate it. They need your help! Each dog and her/his human are individuals. That’s why each plan is customized to your dog, you and your life; no one-size-fits-all approach here! Your plan will include protocols to implement right away (management, setting your dog up to succeed), methods to work on improving behavior (training, enrichment, goal setting) and sustainability (making it practical and doable so you’ll stick with it!).

Effective and humane behavior modification and training is consistent, reward-based and fun. It also requires a solid commitment from you to make it happen. When we consider both our needs and the needs of our dogs, behavior goals are much more easily — and humanely— achieved.

Contact us today to see how we can help you and your dog work together to resolve behavior challenges so you both have your needs met. Win-win!

Behavioral consults – $120 (includes 75-90 minute consult, follow up report and supplementary case-specific informational materials).
Session Packages – Dependent upon initial consult and collaboration with pet parent.

All training is positive reinforcement. No pain, no fear, no force . . . no way!

And since the dog training industry remains unregulated and literally anyone can call themselves a trainer, check out these tips for choosing the right professional for you and your dog! Choosing the Right Dog Trainer

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