Reward-Based Training

Private Sessions

Due to challenges presented by Covid-19, group classes are suspended indefinitely. We are planning to offer cue-specific seminars and classes hopefully later this year.

Training is a process ~ not an event!

We specialize in one-on-one training with our area’s only Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Click here to Meet the Trainer.

We customize your sessions to work on issues specific to your dog and your situation. Whether you recently added a four-legged member to your family or you and your dog find yourselves in a situation where you need help resolving a behavior, we’ve got you covered!

Effective and humane training is consistent, reward-based and fun! When we consider both our needs and the needs of our dogs, training goals are much more easily achieved.

Simply put, our approach to training is based on teaching dogs what to do instead and in place of unwanted behaviors rather than constantly “correcting” them for making mistakes.

Contact us today to see how we can help you and your dog work together to have both of your needs met. We’ll eliminate undesirable behaviors and replace them with desirable ones. Win-win!

Click here to submit a questionnaire for a custom training proposal and package pricing. All packages include personalized one-on-one instruction, customized instructional handouts, supplementary materials and support between sessions.

Dog Training Packages – Starting at $275 (includes two or more 60-70 minutes session, supplementary materials, support between sessions)

Behavioral consults – $125 (includes 60+ minute consult, follow up report and supplementary case-specific informational materials)

All training is positive reinforcement. No pain, no fear, no force . . . no way!

And since the dog training industry remains unregulated and literally anyone can call themselves a trainer, check out these tips for choosing the right trainer for you and your dog! Choosing the Right Dog Trainer