Our Requirements for boarding at Percy’s Playground are in place to provide the safest, securest and most successful boarding experience for all our guest dogs. 

All guest dogs must meet the following requirements: 

    • Enter and exit Percy’s Playground on a leash.

    • Be at least 4 months of age.

    • Have lived with you a minimum of 3 months.

    • Not be aggressive toward humans or other dogs. 

    • Be current on vaccinations (see below).

    • Be free from fleas/ticks upon check in and on veterinarian-approved flea/tick medication.

    • If an intact female, not be in heat.  

    • Not be a wolfdog/wolf-hybrid. The Missouri Department of Conservation (and other similar agencies) has not been able to confirm the efficacy of the rabies vaccine in these animals; therefore, it is not safe for us or our guests to house them. Additionally, we do not have the outdoor containment space for captive wild animals required by the State of Missouri.

What We Need From You

 To confirm a boarding reservation for your dog, we MUST have the following:

      • Verification of vaccines.
                    NOTE:  Only vaccines administered by a licensed veterinarian will be accepted.   

• Rabies.
• Canine Distemper/Parvo Combination*
• Bordetella (6 months nasal* or annual oral or injection**)

  * As an annual booster or given at least 7 full days prior to drop-off.
** Administered at least 3 full days prior to drop-off. 

      • A completed Dog Profile form for each guest dog (see buttons below).

      • A valid credit card on file. Please see our Cancellation Policy and all of our policies here:   Policies

      • A brief 10-15 minute Meet and Greet with your dog! Just like us, dogs are sensitive to changes in their routines. Coming to a new place with new faces can be stressful for your dog. In order to help set your dog up for a successful and relaxed experience we need them to come in, meet us and know that this is a fun place! We also strongly recommend at least a half day Day Stay, full day Day Stay or overnight visit prior to leaving your dog with us for her/his first extended stay. 

What You Need to Bring for Your Dog

      • You must provide your dog’s dry food, premeasured per day in baggies. This will ensure enough food is provided for your dog’s entire stay, as switching diets abruptly can cause gastrointestinal issues, such as diarrhea and vomiting. And that’s not fun for anyone. 

Feel free to bring your dog’s favorite treats or snacks!

     • Your dog’s medications and/or supplements must be provided in the original container/package provided by your veterinarian complete with prescribing information and dosage. Over-the-counter supplements must be in their original container with dosing information legible.  

Feel free to bring your dog’s favorite treats or snacks!

You must also provide a way for us to administer the medication to your dog (i.e. Pill Pocket, lunch meat, cheese, peanut butter, etc., however your dog normally takes her/his medications).  We will NOT force the pills down your dog’s throat, both for your dog’s safety and for ours. 

If this is the only way your dog will take her/his necessary medications, or in the event more than 3 medications must be administered, Percy’s Playground recommends boarding at your veterinarian.  And we apologize for any inconvenience, but we DO NOT give vaccinations to guest dogs. 

      • Bring a shirt, pillow case or blanket with your scent on it to help your dog feel secure while you’re away. Please do not bring your dog’s bed or a pillow.  

      • And don’t forget to sign up for a Percy’s Perk or two to make your pet’s stay even more special!