Percy’s Playground, Inc. aka, Percy’s Playground and “we”, “us” or “our” refer to Percy’s Playground. “Guest dogs”,
“dogs” or “pet” refers to any dogs boarding at Percy’s; “Client” or “you/your” refers to owners/guardians.

I represent that my dog meets all the following requirements.

• will enter and exit Percy’s Playground’s facility on a leash.
• is not aggressive and has never bitten a human or another dog.
• is on a veterinarian–recommended flea and tick preventative medication.
• is current on the following vaccinations: rabies, canine distemper and Bordetella.
• Females are NOT in heat. If she goes in heat, she will need to be picked up or your dog will be transferred to a
xlocal veterinarian’s office at your expense.


If my pet requires medications, I agree to assume all risk associated with the administration of medication by Percy’s
Playground during my pet’s stay. I agree to provide the medication in the original container/package provided by my
veterinarian. Additionally, I agree to bring my pet’s food premeasured in labeled zip lock bags. I understand that if I have
not provided enough food, my dog will be fed Percy’s house kibble at a rate of $2.00/meal.

I agree that if any fleas or ticks are discovered on my pet, Percy’s Playground may administer a flea bath tablet
recommended and sold by veterinarians and/or flea/tick topical treatment at my expense.

I represent that I have disclosed all medical conditions or any other conditions, including, allergies, personality/ behavior
issues that may affect, limit, or prevent my pet’s ability to participate in services provided at Percy’s.

I agree to allow Percy’s Playground in its sole discretion to obtain licensed veterinarian medical treatment for my pet, if it
appears that, the pet is ill, injured, or exhibits any behavior that would reasonably suggest that my pet may need medical
treatment. Should Medical treatment require transportation of my pet to receive care, I hereby authorize such
transportation. I agree to be fully responsible for the cost of any such medical treatment and transportation.

I authorize Percy’s Playground to use a muzzle for my dog if necessary, for the protection of other pet guests and
humans. I understand if my dog bites another dog or human that Percy’s Playground may notify the proper authorities.


I understand reservations are required. Confirmed reservations must have the following on file: Valid credit card
information; Proof of current vaccinations and fecal exam and signed Boarding and Services Client Agreement & Dog
Profile Form on file. The failure to have any of the above on file may result in a cancelled reservation including a
cancellation charge. Prior to extending a boarding stay, current balance must be paid in full.  A two-night minimum is required Thursday through Sunday and three-night minimum over holidays/peak times.

I agree to pay for all fees, services, and products provided with a credit card, cash, or check at the time of my pet’s pickup.
I give express permission to Percy’s Playground, Inc. to charge my credit card for any unpaid fees, services, or products.
There is a $35.00 handling fee for all returned checks.

I understand that all confirmed reservations must be cancelled at least five (5) days prior to my pet’s reserved arrival date.
During peak Holiday periods confirmed reservations must be cancelled at least (10) days prior to my pet’s arrival date.
Holidays/Peak days for 2019 are: Easter, April 19-22; Memorial Day, May 25-27, 4th of July, July 3-7; Labor Day, August
31-September 2; Thanksgiving, November 27-December 1; Christmas/New Year’s, December 21-January 4, 2020. Non-peak
cancellation fees are 50% of the original reservation, and Holiday/Peak 75% of the original reservation.

Reservations may be rescheduled anytime outside of the cancellation period at no charge.

Pets must be dropped off or picked up by 5:00 pm to avoid additional fees. These hours are available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Pets dropped off before noon or picked up after noon will incur the Day Stay rate. There are no discounts for picking up pets prior to the scheduled exit date.

Percy’s Playground shall not be responsible or liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal property belonging either to
my dog or me.


No dog may be abandoned at Percy’s Playground. If my pet is not picked up within three (3) calendar days after the day
my pet is scheduled to depart, and the stay was not extended with approval from Percy’s Playground, my pet shall be
deemed “abandoned” in accordance with Missouri State Statute Chapter 578.009. I understand if I abandon my pet at
Percy’s Playground in its sole discretion, will try to re-home my pet, or relinquish my pet to a legal shelter of its choice. In
addition, you understand that you will still be responsible for any unpaid charges incurred for your pet’s stay after the day
scheduled for departure.


I consent that Percy’s Playground may use my pet’s name and any images or videos taken while s/he is in the care of
Percy’s Playground. All photos and video images shall remain the property of Percy’s Playground after departure.


You agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless Percy’s Playground, Inc. from any and all manner of damages, claims, loss, liabilities, costs or expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees and related costs, arising out of or related to Percy’s Playground’s services, except which may arise from the gross negligence or intentional and willful misconduct of Percy’s Playground, including, without limitation, (a) any inaccuracy in any statement made by yourself or information provided by you to Percy’s Playground, (b) your dog, including but not limited to destruction of property, dog bites, injury, and transmission of disease, and (c) any action by yourself which is in breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement.