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Dog Parks

The Good, the Bad, and the Reality

Enrichment & Education:

“Boarding trends focus on individual programs to enhance dogs’ participation”

Partnering for Puppies:

“Examining Socialization Problems and What We Can Do About It.”

Busting The Muzzle Myth

“Rachel Brix explains why training all dogs to be comfortable wearing a muzzle makes good sense”

THE FUTURE OF THE ‘C’ WORD: Cancer, Canines and the Human Connection

“Nominated for 2018 Dog Writers Association Award-Magazine Article: Health or General Care”

Amping up Advocacy: How +R and Animal Welfare Go Hand in Paw… and Hoof

Bills and Mills: How Ag-Gag Legislation and Puppy Mills Affect Dog Trainers

“Nominated for 2017 Dog Writers Association Award – Magazine Article/Column: Art or Any Other Topic”

Better Teacher, Better Trainer: Presented as a Short at APDT’s 24th Annual Educational Conference and Trade Show

Building Bridges One Dog Park at a Time:Trainers are credible sources for dog behavior to assist those planning a dog park

Bark and Ride: The Benefits of Vacationing with Your Dog

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